For the last 30 years, I have read and studied thousands upon thousands of various spiritual & self help books, websites, listened to hundreds of audios on the subjects. I have attended seminars, groups, webinars, online bootcamps, meditated, became a Reiki Master, received certification and was a highly paid Tarot consultant and Intuitive reader.  I already had a BA in communications from years ago. 


All of this (aside from the college degree) was me searching for a way to connect back to the Universe, what I have always felt was my original source, and to figure out what was ‘wrong’ with me so I could fix me and be happy and successful.


I’m not enlightened, but I have also realized there is nothing wrong with me. I am of the Divine with the Divine in me. Just like a bucket with water drawn from the ocean. It is still of the ocean. 


I still get mad, have temper tantrums, get sad, and change moods, but I also realize it’s my feeling around the experiences that does this. I’ve realized it’s an inside out experience we’re having.


I found a way that reminds me who I am and that by doing less, not more, I come back to my center point and the insanity of thinking is quelled. The sanity of peace of mind is restored. 


I now recognize that there is a deeper level of love, joy, freedom of mind, and peace we all have. We’ve just forgotten. But it’s there waiting for us to remember.


I continue to dive deeper into this system of principles, originally presented by Syd Banks. There is no end to the possibilities of play.


I’m just like anyone else.


This is my blog that allows me to share my process of learning about being the dreamer of dreams. Otherwise know as being human.


With Great Gratitude & Love to you,



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