I Threw Away My Journals

  My parents have decided to move to an independent living facility. This is basically apartment living, without a kitchen. They have a big, beautiful dining hall, where they are served decent & nutritious food, an activities director that never wants anyone to ever sit down, and a happy hour that rivals any bar in […]

Longest Road

  It’s been six weeks, I think, since I got the text. SIX FUCKING WEEKS. That’s it. What can be done in six weeks? A month and a half. I can’t think about much that’s too significant at all that can happen in that amount of time. But in the past six weeks, my mom […]


  At the heart of Buddhism is the idea of accepting what Pema Chodron calls ‘groundlessness’. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is promised, except the death of this life. That’s it. Suffering, according to Buddhists, is caused by attachment. We become attached to what we know, what we love, what we expect to happen next. It […]


ICE Come And my voice Will sing Of winter’s silver thread That weaves a fine And shining line Around The fairy lady’s head   On maple trees The frozen breeze Moves each branch In naked dance And many chimes Of ancient times Are made to ring out Fairy rhymes ~ BC Blackwell ©2007   My […]

My Past, My present, My Now.

I didn’t get the news via a phone call or in person. I mean, we had been talking about the possibilities. Actually, she had been talking about it more than me. I kept shying away from the possibility because the thought was just too much for me to even entertain. When I got the news […]