And my voice

Will sing

Of winter’s silver thread

That weaves a fine

And shining line


The fairy lady’s head


On maple trees

The frozen breeze

Moves each branch

In naked dance

And many chimes

Of ancient times

Are made to ring out

Fairy rhymes

~ BC Blackwell ©2007


My mom has always told me we are born of Kings & Queens, herself having the spirit of Anne Boleyn within. She used to say, ‘What they say, the stories they tell of Anne Boleyn are all wrong. Don’t believe what is written. They lied.’

And I….I carry the spirit of Queen Elizabeth I within, according to her. Of course I do, I say. I have no doubt. That dynasty needed to end and it ended with me, in greatness as planned.

Our bloodline goes way back. My mom, or Mammy as I’ve always referred to her, has worked our family tree all the way back to Charlemagne, better known as Charles the Great who united most of western Europe in the middle ages. He was the first Holy Roman Emperor.

Our line is filled with courageous souls all the way from William the Conqueror, down to the late great Jesse James and Alonzo Braziel.

Just between you, me, and the family ghosts, Jesse James was never shot dead.

He escaped quite easily and quite alive.

Alonzo’s children tell of times when they entertained Jesse in their home long after he was supposedly shot dead. He changed his name, and lived a long life.

We have cowboys, counterfeiters, and medicine women feeding the rich roots of our family tree. All this DNA has flooded down to my mom, Bonnie Coats and finally to me and my children.

Mammy was born in 1949 in a small town in northern California, called Healdsburg, in the heart of Sonoma county. The greats on the maternal side settled Mendocino county in California. The greats on the paternal side came west from Texas during the great Dustbowl era.

Mammy grew up in one of the best time periods in the history of America, the 50’s and 60’s. We all know the intensity yet innocence of the times, I need not repeat it.

She was raised Pentecostal. Her grandfather was a Texas born and raised Pentecostal minister. One story Mammy told me was about the wonderful neighborhood lady who was doomed to hell because she wore lipstick. That and pants.

Her sister fell into the role of good Christian girl easily and readily. Bonnie, on the other hand, chose another reality.

At 16, she dropped acid for the first time and woke from the dream. She tells me, ‘It saved my life.’

From then on, much to her parent’s dismay, she lived life by her rules.


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