The Miracle of Tragedy

not alone

‘Everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Be gentle with them.’

We’ve just become masters at hiding the battle and the effects from it.

I know that, with my own struggles, we put on masks to appear ok while out in the world.

We walk in public with the behavior of ‘I’m fine’.

We affirm it, ‘I’m good! All is good.’

It’s as though if we say it enough, the ache simmering underneath the surface will go away.

It’s a form of self defense. If we appear not ok or vulnerable, it opens us up to harm.

The lizard brain kicks in and says, ‘if I am vulnerable, I’m opening myself up to being taken advantage of, of someone getting the better of me or hurt me. AGAIN.’

So we walk through the day with our armor of ‘I’m fine’ on.

When we get home, we undo the armor, hang it on the wall and cry. Some of us become emotionally numb after a while.

Believe it or not, there is really a miracle around tragedy.

IF we allow for it.

The miracle around tragedy is that it can create a sacred space for great compassion to manifest and dwell.

Not just for others but for ourselves as well.

As I’ve tended to my wounds over each tragedy that I have encountered in my life, I couldn’t help but feel compassion and understanding towards others.

I mean, if I feel this empty and broken hearted, a huge does of understanding and compassion would carry me a long way.

I walk through my day looking at people I come across and my heart breaks for them.

I sense their sadness, their hurt, their struggle.

A lyric from one of my mom’s songs goes, ‘I breathe a silent prayer for the world out there.’

As do I.

We all experience trauma in some form or another at some point. No one escapes it.

The way to healing is via a path that extends compassion and understanding for others. And for ourselves.

I’m not talking about sympathy, the ‘oh, my dear, poor you’.

I’m talking about the deeply felt, down to the bones understanding of, ‘I’ve been there, I know that feeling. I’m here with you and for you.’

Even if you don’t know that person. Sending those thoughts and emotions of compassion and love to any person you see can make a difference, believe it or not. Our energy love is far greater than we know.

I breathe that silent prayer.

My most Beloved Divine, thank you for placing your loving hands around all involved and breathing gently the gift of healing.
Allow for the kindness and compassion to lay gently on their hearts, and wash over them the gift of knowledge that allows them to do the same for others.


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